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What Is the Associated Press?

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The Associated Press was established in 1898. It is the largest news agency in the world. In its early years, 2,500 reporters covered events in more 100 U.S. locations and 50 other countries. Many more journalists joined, and the collective effort reached more than six thousands newspapers. Today, the AP still has nearly two million members. But who are they exactly? What is their story?

The Associated Press is a nonprofit news agency headquartered in New York City. It is not to be confused with the Pakistani Associated Press Service or the Australian AP. The AP used to be called the "Press Association" in the past. The Associated Press (AP) is a cooperative association of newspaper publishers. They report in English, Spanish and Arabic. The AP has won 56 Pulitzer Prizes and been acknowledged as an important news source.

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The broadcast media has been covered by the Associated Press as well. It started to broadcast news to radio stations back in 1941. In 1974, the AP launched its own radio network. It launched APTV in 1994 as a global newsgathering organization. In 1998, WorldWide Television News combined this organization. The APTN is an international broadcaster and website that provides video. The AP moved its worldwide headquarters to 450 West 33rd Street. This street houses the WNET offices.

The Associated Press has been an important news agency for over 165 years. Its members have been a part of the history and coverage of every major event in American history, from presidential election to royal weddings. The AP is credited as reporting on the most significant historical events. This is why it is so important that you know about the Associated Press. You can read about its history here and find out more about its contributions to American society.

Over the years, AP has experienced significant growth. While it started as a small cooperative of five newspapers in New York, it now has over two hundred locations in more than one hundred countries. The AP sets the standards for ethical journalism, and has won 52 Pulitzer Prizes. Over 2,000 slaves were liberated by the AP's investigations into slavery in the seafood sector. The Associated Press delivers local news to 378 newsrooms throughout the U.S. as well as to more 150 countries.

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In 1849, the AP established its first news bureau outside of America. In 1874, they met ships sailing from Europe before they made their first trips to the United States. In 1876, the AP news correspondent Mark Kellogg was killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Melville E. Stone reorganized the AP in 1893. In 1899 Guglielmo Marconi's wireless telegraph enabled the Associated Press coverage of the America's Cup yacht-racing race off Sandy Hook.


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What Is the Associated Press?